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5.0 / 1 Reviews

Rehearsal with a Rockband

Live at the band rehearsal in Hergiswil

Our band rehearsal takes place at a special location. Next to the band location is a bar, which is only open for us on this day.

You can experience the whole band rehearsal with us and of course you can join the party. To the bar belong the incredible stories of the bartender and a "Töggelikasten", which you are allowed to use. You can move freely and as long as you want to stay.

After the band rehearsal we are looking forward to having a beer with you.
group_add Group size
1 to 15 Visitors
restore Tour duration
2 hours
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This tour can be cancelled free of charge up to 72 hours before the start.
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directions_run Without queuing
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supervised_user_circle For company teambuilding
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CHF 10


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Beni already had 4 Visitors on this tour
German / English
  • playing in a band
  • table football
  • drinking beer
We have a special place; you can listen to our rehersal; you can play table football; you can drink beer at the bar; you can talk to the bartender (owner) about everything

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5.0 / 1 Reviews


Steffi from Zug
Apr 2021
Für alle die gern Musik in lockerer, lässiger Atmosphäre haben ist das perfekt. Wir hatten einen mega lässigen und lustigen Abend mit der Band. Statt Bier gab es sogar Wein und Prosecco für uns Ladys. Würden es jeder Zeit wieder buchen. Danke an DIE BAND für den schönen Abig!!