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5.0 / 2 Reviews

Sightseeing without sight

Like a blind person through Lucerne

Wondering how it is to life as a blind person?

I will show you the daily challenges of a blind or visually impaired person. With darkened glasses and a whit stick you will discover Lucerne, have a coffee and go shopping together with me.
group_add Group size
1 to 3 Visitors
restore Tour duration
2 hours
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This tour can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours before the start.
wb_sunny Nice weather
Passende Kleidung
check_box Included
  • Darkened glasses and a white stick
  • Coffee/tea and croissant
check_box Suitable for...
Open people who want to experience something totally different
flash_on Bad weather
Wetterfeste Kleidung
indeterminate_check_box Exluded
Personal shopping
credit_card Incl. all tickets
directions_run Without queuing
cloud_circle All-weather program
explore For scouts
language For tourists
mood For people without hair
room Location
sell Price per person
CHF 40


Profilbild des Tourguides
Vahinée already had 5 Visitors on this tour
German / English / French
  • Singing, Writing, Hiking to spiritual places, Archeology, Philosophy, Building bridges and much more
To transport the message of us blind and visually impaired people to the public as well as to give people the possibility to experience everyday life and it difficulties for us.

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5.0 / 2 Reviews


Yves from Bern
Sep 2022
Super tolle Tour :) Sehr lehrreich, interessant, humorvoll, vielseitig, horizont-erweiternd. Empfehle ich allen wärmstens weiter :)
riu from kriens
Feb 2020
Eindrückliche Erfahrung, sich blind mit Langstock an Bodenleitlinien und Aufmerksamkeitsfeldern zu orientieren... und gleichzeitig in eine wunderbare Welt voller Geräusche, Gerüche und Imaginationen einzutauchen. Rolf ist ein toller Tourguide und eine spannende Person. Sehr empfehlenswert!