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Fresh snowy landscape with powder feeling.

We hike on our snowshoes through the mountain forest.. over hilly terrain past alpine huts, to the lookout point. where we enjoy the ingenious panorama of the mountains.
On the way back, the powder feeling comes into play. We return to the starting point over hills and alpine meadows.
group_add Group size
1 to 10 Visitors
restore Tour duration
4.5 hours
restore Cancel
This tour can be cancelled free of charge up to 48 hours before the start.
wb_sunny Nice weather
Sunnglases, Onion-peel dresses
check_box Included
Snowshoes, poles, avalanche transceiver
check_box Suitable for...
Childrens from 8 Jeahrs. Adults
flash_on Bad weather
If the wether is very bad, the tour will be canceled the day before.
indeterminate_check_box Exluded
Travel expences, catering
indeterminate_check_box Not suitable for...
People with walking difficulties
accessibility Für Wintertaugliche
stars Für Eskimos
check_circle für Berggeissen
directions_run Without queuing
hearing For the deaf
cloud_circle All-weather program
supervised_user_circle For company teambuilding
work For business people
pets Dogs welcome
explore For scouts
camera_roll Cool photo spots
language For tourists
spa For Vegetarians
For Vegans
movie For movie stars
favorite Created with love
room Location
sell Price per person
CHF 65


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German / English / French
  • Snowshoe tours.-Mountain hiking.- High mountaineering tours.-Bouldering.- Endurance trainings for mountain sports, - High altitude trainings.- Work on hanging rope.- Avalanches
I bring the visitors closer to the beauty of nature, without hally-gally away from the main stream of tourists. Experience and enjoy pure nature. Guests who wants to go on tours that are demanding and require a certain basic level of fitness. Multi day tours, and outdoor events. Visitors who want a training programm for a 4000m ascent, with high altitude training. Guided trainings tours. 1:1 trainings coaching wirh personally trainings plan. Visitors hew want to keep their bodies flexible with power yoga and strengthen with nordic walking.

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