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With passion

For tour guides/course runners. Organise a tour that represents your hobby or passion. Take your guests on a tour and inspire them with your knowledge and your uniqueness.
Make money

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Earn per guest. Calculate the overall costs in order to provide your guest an all-in-one price. A commission of CHF 10 per visitor will be added on the price for tours that cost less than CHF 100 and 10% for tours with higher price.
What is required

We are looking for special tours

Different and personal. With a short video you can show your guests who you are and what you do. Do not worry - it is very simple. If you need assistance we will support you.


Become a guide and make profit

Live your passion and make money out of it.
Join the guide community for free.
Do what you are good at - introduce and lead an activity you love. Share your hobby, passion, culture or neighbourhood through your unique perspective. Your tour costs exactly what is right for you. We receive a commission of CHF 10 per visitor or 10% for tours costing CHF 100 or more. Our commission will be added automatically to your price. A fair deal for everyone
Your tour costs exactly what is right for you. We receive a commission of CHF 10 per visitor or 10% for tours costing CHF 100 or more. Our commission will be added automatically to your price. A fair deal for everyone.
Earn money
When we discover a new city, we do not want to be chasing an umbrella of some tour guide. No, we want the real thing and therewith meet the local people, right?
Meet new people
Show others what you are good at. Share your passion. Build new friendships. No matter how "freaky" your hobby is just go for it and make it happen.
Hobby sharing

Tour inspiration


Hiking tour

Pack a picnic and show your visitors your favourite trails.

A tour for dogs

Where are the most beautiful dog parks?

Studio visit

Show the world your art. End the tour with an aperitif.

Urban yoga

An early morning yoga session by the lake with your visitors.

Kayak tour

Are you a kayaker? Take the visitors along and show them the city from a trout perspective.

Photo tour

The best photo spots. Insider tips – for selfie hunters.

Special shops

Show the visitors selected stores in your area.

Film tour

Which movie star has been where? Visit the sets of famous movies.

Stamps lovers

Show your visitors your beloved stamp collection.

Herbal tour

Collect herbs and cook a herb risotto together with your visitors.

Food porn tour

Cooking and taking pictures. And then enjoy the food.

Bike tour

The classic. Show guests the city by bike.

Pizza tour

Bake your own pizza with visitors in your shared flat and enjoy a good evening together.

Treasure hunt

Visit the most beautiful catacombs and cellars of your city.

Children's birthday party

But certainly not with fast food. Our kids deserve more.

Quick tour

Show your visitors the city in fast motion. They will love it!

Game tour

Where are the most beautiful adventure playgrounds? Or is there a game in your garden?

Beer tour

Is brewing your hobby? Introduce the art of brewing and the taste of a truly local beer. Cheers!

Party tour

Where are the coolest clubs in town? Do not forget to take your headache pills along.

Urban tour

From roof top to roof top.

Grandma tour

Where can you get the tastiest coffee and cakes in your city?

Fireman on tour

I want to be a fireman! Sitting once in a real fire truck.

Your tour

We look forward to hear about your unique ideas!

FAQ / Tips


VisitLocals - almost without borders

Boring tourist tours are available to a great extend already. Therefore "crazy" is allowed. Almost everything within the local laws and in respect of the human rights is allowed.


You are responsible for your guests. Please do nothing too risky - you are in charge, and liable, for the safety.

All inclusive

We from VisitLocals communicate our prices openly to our guests and wish to offer easy and complete packages. Hence, make sure that everything is included and offer your guests all-in-one prices. Keep in mind, the simpler the better - for all of us.

Your price – our price

You define how much your tour costs per person. The visitor will pay the total amount to you in cash, by Twint or invoice, and afterwards you will account us the commission. We will take care of the conception, development and maintenance of the platform, promotion of your tour, SEO, support in developing your tour, and the creation of the video etc.

Caution proximity

Keep enough distance to your visitors - Not just because of covid, but also to respect different cultural backgrounds. We don't want any complaints about inappropriate behaviour, so make sure it does not come to that.


We want to inspire, surprise and pamper our visitors. Therefore, at least two small surprises should be planned and included in the tour. We certainly do not want to be boring, right?

You are worth five stars

We would love to visit all the activities and courses ourselves. Sadly our time is limited, hence your activity will be reviewed by visitors. In case of bad ratings we reserve ourselves the right to withdraw your tour from the platform. So make it count.

Contemporary communication

Do that with a video. It's very simple - no kidding. Sign up and you'll get lots of advices and tips from us for the filming and also for structuring the tour. If you need any further help, just get in touch with us. But now: Lights, camera, action!