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You have travelled everywhere? Discover now what you have missed in Switzerland – deeper, more honest, longer lasting and more formative – than you have ever experienced before. Seen it all before, experienced it all before? Let the passion of our originals convince you of the opposite.

Off the beaten tourist track – discover with us unique, personal, local and simply cool activities.

Workshops, excursions and courses that will broaden your horizons. These activities will remain vivid in your memory.

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How does VisitLocals work?

Personal activities and fabulouses experiences

In the cities we visit we do not want to look at church windows only, but to get to know new people. With exciting stories. That is exactly why we founded VisitLocals. We offer you personal activities and special courses by locals. Our tours will give you insights into the local life and thanks to the diversity of the local people we are able to offer the right tour for everyone.

There are tours and courses for small and large groups:


You have something to show others - with a tour or a course? This is exactly what VisitLocals is for. There are almost no limits to your imagination. Many possibilities are open to you. Whether you want to introduce your hobby to others, give insight into your profession or simply have something special to show - we look forward to your tour.

The profit - you can earn money this way and meet cool people. And that with passion and fun. Take a look, become a guide on VisitLocals - it costs nothing. Sign up here.

Gift Voucher - you are looking for a cool gift for people you like? Our individual gift voucher will help you. Fill it out online now, pay and give pleasure. Very convenient and easy.