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5.0 / 2 Reviews

Rikscha City-Tour in Lucerne

Visit and experience Lucerne by rickshaw

You discover the special places in Lucerne, the ride in the rickshaw is an extraordinary experience.
- Start: Caritas bike station on the direct way to the impressive lion monument from there up the hill to the wonderful Konsipark with best view into the Alps back into the city down to the Mühleplatz-Altstadt. Admiring the murals at the wine market from there to the nature museum with a good view of the Reuss weir and the Musegg wall. Via Jesuit Church, KKL back to the Caritas bike station

Since we can use the cycle paths, we are faster than on foot and at the same time more flexible than cars/taxis/other means of transport/etc. The guests can expect a lot of smiling faces on the trip, because I am the only rickshaw in Lucerne in this way.
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1 to 2 Visitors
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1 hours
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This tour can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours before the start.
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In case of thunderstorm or very bad weather forecast - I cancel the tour at least 24 h before the start.
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Private Insurance
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Wheelchair users
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CHF 45


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Manuelitos already had 11 Visitors on this tour
German / English / French / Spanish
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  • Cycling
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Because I want you to experience Lucerne in a different way - in a rickshaw with Caribbean music!

Visitor whispering

5.0 / 2 Reviews


Yvonne from 2575 Hagneck
Jul 2022
Es war sehr gut: von der Bestellung ( Telefonat) bis und mit der gestrigen Fahrt. Meine Eltern waren hell begeistert ????. Werde mir dies auch mal gönnen ☺️
Toll! ????????????????????
Michelle from Ruswil
Jul 2020
Die Rikschafahrt mit Manuelito war mega super! Eine erfrischende Abkühlung an einem wunderschönen Ort oberhalb von Luzern - wie cool ist das?!? Herzlichen Dank für dieses tolle Abenteuer!