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Basic stitching techniques

In this online class I will teach you basic stitching techniques in a playful way. The know how allows you to work on your own Stitch Journal where you can record your mood and memories. Stitch Journal is cool, versatile and relaxing!

No skills needed, the class is open for all levels.
All materials are in price included.
group_add Group size
1 to 6 Visitors
restore Tour duration
2.5 hours
restore Cancel
This tour can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours before the start.
check_box Included
Materials (fabric, threads and needle) will be sent via mail. PDF working sheets via email.
check_box Suitable for...
credit_card Incl. all tickets
accessible For wheelchair users
directions_run Without queuing
cloud_circle All-weather program
supervised_user_circle For company teambuilding
work For business people
explore For scouts
camera_roll Cool photo spots
language For tourists
spa For Vegetarians
mood For people without hair
For Vegans
movie For movie stars
favorite Created with love
room Location
sell Price per person
CHF 125


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German / English
  • Philosophy: Arts
  • Handicraft
  • Photography and Literature
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