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Oldtown & Chocolate Gems in Basel

About the Tour
We will go on a stroll through the beautiful old town of Basel and visit local artisan chocolatiers while also discovering some other hidden historical chocolate corners.

On route, you will learn about chocolate history, discover chocolate as an artisan handcraft, understand the challenges of the chocolate industry, learn about the mystical side of cacao and indulge your senses with some of the 600 aromas that can be contained in cacao.

You will sample various sweet specialties at every stop along the way, including raw and roasted cacao beans and a delicious hot chocolate (or artisanal ice cream during summer) and cross the Rhein on a traditional wooden ferry while learning about a chocolate legend on the river.

On the tour you will also see one or the other sights of Basel.
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3 to 12 Visitors
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1.5 hours
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This tour can be cancelled free of charge up to 72 hours before the start.
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  • Sampling at each stop
  • private guide
  • ferry ride
  • water bottle
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Team Events, Individual travelers, Families (if you are joining the tour with toddlers or small kids, please let us know beforehand), Celebrations (Birthday, Hen or Stag party etc)
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The tour takes place shine or rain, please bring your own umbrella. In case of a heavy storm, I will cancel at least 24hrs before that start.
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If you will be using a wheelchair, please contact me before booking, so that I can adapt the tour
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  • Children up to 6 years FOC
  • As of age 6 full prices are applied
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Stephy already had 5 Visitors on this tour
German / English
  • travelling and exchanging with other cultures
  • cooking and hosting friends and family
  • hiking & forest bathing
  • dancing
  • art
  • philosophy
As a Swiss-Colombian, I grew up at the cultural heart of cacao and chocolate and I love sharing my passion for chocolate, from the bean down to the bar, with my guests.