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Boat tour on Lake Lucerne

Boat tour in Lucerne

On our boat tour on Lake Lucerne everything is possible.

Cruise or lawn, sightseeing or wakeboarding, enjoy the peace and quiet or party. According to your wishes I will show you the most beautiful city in the world, cozy bays, great villas, fine restaurants OR we will add sound, unpack some cool beers, prepare the wakeboard and heat towards the sunset. The most important thing is that you spend a great and unforgettable day.
group_add Group size
4 to 6 Visitors
restore tour duration
3 hours
restore Cancel
This tour can be cancelled free of charge up to 48 hours before the start.
wb_sunny Nice weather
  • Bathing clothes
  • Sun cream
  • Sunglasses
  • Headgear
  • Bath towel
check_box Included
  • Motor boat
  • Life jackets
  • Wakeboard
  • Boat driver
  • Drinks (by arrangement)
  • Sun & Fun
check_box Suitable for...
  • Families
  • Tourists
  • Water rats
  • Sunset lovers
  • Party people
flash_on Bad weather
In case of thunderstorm or bad weather I cancel the tour 24 hours before.
indeterminate_check_box Exluded
  • Fuel
  • Insurance for participants
  • Personal responsibility
indeterminate_check_box Not suitable for...
Wheelchair users
credit_card Incl. all tickets
directions_run Without queuing
hearing For the deaf
supervised_user_circle For company teambuilding
work For business people
explore For scouts
camera_roll Cool photo spots
language For tourists
mood For people without hair
movie For movie stars
room Location
Payment method*
VISA Mastercard ApplePay
CHF 100 Per visitor
CHF 400
CHF 360
CHF 40


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Raphi already had 4 Visitors on this tour
German / English
  • Bootfahrten, Waken, Freunde & Familie, Geniessen und Spass haben.
Ich finde die Idee cool und es macht mir Freude andere auf den See mitzunehmen und ihnen unsere schöne Stadt zu zeigen.