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5 best paces for a hike in Switzerland – VisitLocals Top selection

Switzerland is a superb place for hiking, at any time throughout the year. The world-famous scenery, the excellent public transport, the dense network of footpaths, and meticulous signposting make for a good day out. Hiking is also a great way to clear your mind and balance life.

Our life is hectic – we are constantly staring at screens and checking our phones, always plugged into the network of the world. Hiking provides a welcome break from the feeling of always being ‘switched-on’.

On our platform you can find a variety of hiking tours, each of them has its unique vibe and own history. Choose your favorite one and reserve the place for an activity.

Hike in Entlebuch

Together with our experience tour guide Housi you will explore the Biosphere Entlebuch. Over meadows, through forests and moorland.

During the trail he will tell you more about the area, its history and stories. Nice fondue and a glass of wine will be an add-on for the trip. At the end of the hike, you will visit the moor treading pool to relax.

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Wildlife spotting in Emmetten

An adventurous hiking tour with wildlife observation awaits you but be prepared for an early morning start (around 7 a.m.). On this hike you have the chance to observe chamois, ibex, marmots and grouse.

One of the highlights is a visit to the "Schwändyportä" alpine hut with breakfast or lunch.

*This tour is doable for anyone who is reasonably good on their feet and wears appropriate footwear (suitable for children from 8 years).

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Cultural & historical mountain hike from Pontius to Pilate

Countless myths and legends are entwined around Lucerne's local mountain. It is one of Europe's most famous mountains of the late Middle Ages.

On the hike, led by our tour guide Kurt, you will visit the legendary Lake Pilatus and get to know the extraordinary natural and cultural history of Mount Pilatus.

*This mountain hike requires sure-footedness and stamina for 3.5 hours of running time. Good activity for group (4-12 people).

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Herb hike with a 4-course menu

Together with our tour guide you will on a 2-2.5 hour herbal walk to learn more about eatable plans.

After the picturesque trail you will cook a delicious 4-course menu from the plants you have collected.

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Legend hike in Obwalden

During a hike or snowshoe tour guide Martin will tell you legends and stories mainly from Obwalden.

As an experienced narrator, he knows how to use the environment and dramaturgy to create eerily exciting stories. Fascinating, entertaining, thought-provoking and wonderful. This tour is a great combination of the legendary, sport and nature. Individual tours from 5 people are possible at any time.

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Written by VisitLocals

Published on 27.10.2022