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Pre-Christmas selection – top cozy activities

Winter is a perfect time to get close to your loved ones and spend more time by doing joint activities. If you're looking to enjoy the winter in comfortable and nice atmosphere, here are some cool masterclasses, which you can easily make together with your friends indoors. Make yourself comfortable, feel the smell of freshly made bakeries and enjoy the magic of pre-Christmas time together with VisitLocals.

Baking courses - learn from the professionals

Book this activity and learn how to make advanced bakery products using novel techniques and quality products. This workshop covers various areas of the bakery and ensures that you will climb to the next step on the gourmet ladder.

Create breads, braided pastries, pizzas, chocolates, jams and much more in our professional bakery together with tour guides. They will tell you their baking secrets and provide with useful recommendations in the culinary world.

Book here: link

Spatula carving masterclass

Experience meditative carving with the drawknife and immerse yourself in the world of congenial old hand tools.

During this tour our experienced tour guide will teach you basic knife carving techniques and explain the most important things of the woodwork. In the end of this activity, you will get a sustainable a unique handcraft tool.

Book here: link

Cupcakes-Workshop in Solothurn

Would you like to sweeten your life with self-made cupcakes? Then visit our cupcakes class in Solothurn. In this tour, you will learn that making beautiful cupcakes isn't as hard as you might think.

Together with our tour guide you will go through all the steps and learn how to create colorful, delicious and super modern cupcakes.

Let yourself be enchanted by the world of baking.

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Written by VisitLocals

Published on 19.12.2022