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Swiss art of cooking - unique master classes from VisitLocals for every taste

Each of us has its own taste, especially when it comes to the food preparation. Someone prefers sweet desserts and the others like more salty food. There are many different flavors in life. Each taste gives us different feelings, therefore VisitLocals prepared for you various tours, which will match with every taste.

Syrup factory in Lucerne

Have you ever been in a syrup manufactory? Well, this is really a magical place and a paradise for sweet lovers. By visiting our authentic tour in Syrup factory in Lucerne you will discover how to produce syrup in an original and traditional way using real big kettles.

Moreover, you will feel the smells, the tastes, cutting the ingrediencies’ and much more. This a perfect chance to make a syrup on your own under the guidance of professionals. Book this tour together with your friends and start your unique journey to a sweet life of Lucerne.

  • Duration of the tour: 3,5 hours

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Lactic Acid Fermentation

For those of you, who opt for salty food, we also have something unique to offer. This is a fermentation tour with our amazing tour guide Patrick.

If you didn’t hear about the fermentation before, this is a perfect way to start your experience. In the fermentation course you will get an insight into the history and areas of application of fermentation. In addition to a theory part, you can create your own fermentations. By taking part in this activity, you will get to know more about the art of cooking and will try the new ways and mean of bringing the unforgettable tastes to food.

  • Duration of the tour: 5 hours

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Written by VisitLocals

Published on 22.08.2022