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Exciting tours for everyone – VisitLocals provides activities for any occasion

Friends and family are one of the main pillars in life. Spending your free time with them always gives energy and stimulates you for new endeavors. VisitLocals gives you impetus for great weekend plans whether you want to spend time in the forest or to join a Wurstkurs.

Try out our activities and meet your friends in interesting environment. VisitLocals can offer various tours for teams (4 people min), which will definitely get your interest.


Learn more about organic meat processing and make the sausage by yourself with a help of professional butchers. During the course you will get theoretical knowledge about sausages and will understand better how to select the right meat and which spices and chemicals you need to add to get the final product.

The activity is aimed at people who would like to have a first insight into sausage production and want to get a basic knowledge of how to make perfect sausages at home.  A cozy get-together apero will be arranged afterwards in the courtyard restaurant.

  • Duration of the tour – 2 hours

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Lumberjack team event

Like your grandfather we will fell a really big tree – united and armed with a crosscut handsaw...Wouldn't you be proud to accomplish this task as a team? It's a hard work, but together with a help of professional foresters you will learn how to do it safe and technically right.

This activity is a perfect teamwork and a nice sports workout at the same time. By visiting this tour you will also learn exciting details about the life of a tree and the forest. In addition, you will have a Holzer coffee with sausage, freshly prepared on the open fire.

  • Duration of the tour – 5 hours

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Join us with your friends and get new emotions with VisitLocals.

Written by VisitLocals

Published on 30.07.2022