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TOP 3 Best family friendly activities in Switzerland

Given the nature of its landscape, Switzerland is a perfect place for any types of adventurers, whether you want to make an exciting journey with your partner or spend a family weekend with kids. VisitLocals are here for you to provide activities for any occasion and be in charge of a funny atmosphere throughout the days.

We have plenty of tours to offer, but here is out top-3 selection:

Rickshaw tour in Lucerne

The ride in the rickshaw is an extraordinary experience and if you ever thought about city tour with a royal chic, this is a perfect way to make it. The tour starts right next to Lucerne railway station, our super friendly tour guide Manuel meets you there and suggests several tour routes. All of them cover picturesque trails and go through the main city attractions, therefore don’t think long and choose the one which sounds exciting for you. Then you will have a unique travel experience with Riksha.

The trip is funny, beautiful and very colorful. You will learn more about the main Lucerne attractions, listen to your favourite music along the way and enjoy a refreshing apero in the end.

Goat trekking on Haldi

If you are up for family activities this weekend, then join our goat trekking tour. The hike begins after a scenic ride with the cable car. On the way you get to know the nature and the individual characters of the goats.

Moreover, our experienced tour guides will tell you interesting facts about the animals and the area around. A nice picnic will be served for all the visitors in the end. Lots of fun and happiness is guaranteed, so hurry up to get the places for this activity.

Legend hike for children in Romoos

Another nice activity for a family getaway is a hike with kids. This guided legend hike for children takes you into the world of the Bergmandli.

Immerse yourself in the fabulous world of Talherren, Bergmandli and Zyberli for an hour and join us on an adventurous, whimsical and exciting journey. On this hike with and for children, parents can also relax, walk around and simply enjoy.

Written by VisitLocals

Published on 16.09.2022