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Classic car drive through Lucerne

With the humpback Volvo through the landscape of Lucerne

Enjoy a decelerating and stylish ride in a beautifully preserved red humpback Volvo (PV544). We drive through the Lucerne countryside and stop at a cosy inn where you can enjoy either coffee and cake or a meal. Consumption is not included in the trip price.
group_add Group size
2 to 3 Visitors
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3 hours
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This tour can be cancelled free of charge up to 72 hours before the start.
wb_sunny Nice weather
Sunglasses, matching sun hat. :-)
check_box Included
check_box Suitable for...
Old-timer enthusiasts. People who enjoy the journey and not just the destination.
flash_on Bad weather
The trip will take place in all weather conditions. The only limitation in bad weather may be the lack of visibility at the viewpoint.
indeterminate_check_box Exluded
Private insurance and consumption in an inn / coffee
indeterminate_check_box Not suitable for...
Wheelchair users
hearing For the deaf
cloud_circle All-weather program
camera_roll Cool photo spots
language For tourists
spa For Vegetarians
mood For people without hair
For Vegans
movie For movie stars
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VISA Mastercard ApplePay
CHF 275 Per visitor
CHF 550
CHF 500
CHF 50


Profilbild des Tourguides
German / English
  • I love thinking about classic car technology, learning new things about the technical challenges - and finally driving around in a beautiful humpback Volvo (PV 545).
My passion for vintage cars is easy to share. I would be delighted to be able to convey and inspire guests with the technology of bygone times.